New Technology Announcements

2018:  We have added the most advanced digital scanning system available and are very excited about the additional comfort features our office offers. Soon, all crowns and bridges, and even dentures, will be captured digitally and “e-mailed” to our technicians.  By end of the year we will have 3-d printing capabilities!!



2010:We have upgraded our radiographic imaging capabilities to full digital imaging. This allows us to reduce the raditation exposure by half again over what we achieved with using high speed film, discussed below. Not only is this easier for the patient, but images are available immediately for viewing, cutting down time required since processing is not necessary. Also, since images are stored and backed up on a server, quality is never degraded. No longer does any patient have to be concerned about exposures since levels are so low, much lower than that received by being in the sun.


We have upgraded and added two new intraoral cameras in the operatories which allow us to communicate problems to the patient better; you can visualized on a screen exactly what we a talking about. Images can also be saved and downloaded directly to insurance companies. Monitors are mounted right on the chairs for patients to review images and educational videos for enhanced understandings of procedures proposed.

We have added an advanced composite placement system which is giving us exceptional results. We now can place composites sonically and in bulk, which reduces significantly the time required for placement, making procedures much easier for you, the patient. I have been very impressed with this system. Esthetics and marginal adaptation are excellent.


We have added a Cardiac Defibrillator to aid in any cardiac emergencies in the office. Studies have shown that intervention with a defibrillator significantly increases survival rates following unexpected cardiac events. While we have never had an issue in 25 years, we are now even better prepared. The staff has been fully trained in emergency protocol. We have also updated and upgraded our emergency kits for other types of medical emergencies like allergic reactions, again which we have never seen.

We have added the VENUS line of anterior composites which are very lifelike and will allow even better front tooth esthetics.

We are committed to offering the best technologies we can and will continue to update our advances as they become available.